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An Apple A Day

An Apple a Day

"An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away"

is more than just an old adage — it's supported by numerous rearch studies.

Research has Found that Apple Consumption can Help With:

Brain Health

Eating 2-4 whole apples a day or drinking 2-3 cups of apple juice a day can help with age-related memory loss and Alzheimer's disease.

Bone Health

Boron, found in apples, is an essential trace element that helps harden bones.

Heart Health

Contains pectin  a water-soluble fiber found to reduct levels of cholesterol by removing it from the bloodstream.

Lung Health

Foods rich in fiber and flavonoids  found in apples — may reduce chronic cough and risk of developing certain cancers, including lung cancer.

Digestive Health

Apples contain complex carbohydrates so they energize faster than eating something high in sugar.

Also Helps With:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Reduces risk of certain cancers
  3. Antioxidant benefits
  4. Reduced risk of metabolic syndrome
  5. Immunity
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